HANDWRITING with PHONOGRAMS (class package, all grades)


Handwriting with Phonograms. Although designed to align with Johnny Can Spell, this notebook can be used in any classroom to support quality handwriting instruction and practice. 36 pages. Spiral bound at the top. Printed in landscape layout, in FULL color with blue writing lines and red margin lines on white paper. Writing lines include a broken mid-line and no descender space. Width of lines is a hair wider than wide-ruled notebook paper. Track letters have green dots for starting point, giving students initial support with correct letter formation. These special letters gradually fade on the page so that students form the letter remembering what they have just patterned. This notebook supports the handwriting instruction and the phonogram presentation in Lessons 1-25 in Johnny Can Spell Lesson Planner Book 2:1 and Book 3:1 and in the Review Lessons 1-25 in Word Analyses Book 4 and Book 5. In addition to the pages for phonogram practice, there are pages for copy practice. Students are presented famous sayings and quotes from literature in faded track letters. They track the copy to practice letter formation, spacing, and writing conventions. Then students copy it on the blank lines directly beneath the quote. Alice Nine says that this is her favorite part of the notebook. There are also several blank pages of this special handwriting paper at the back of the notebook. Class package includes 25 student notebooks and 1 teacher edition. The Teacher Edition has instructional tips, explicit letter formation directions for phonograms 1-26. It also includes word lists and fascinating phonics trivia for each of the 44 digraphs and trigraphs.

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