"Can Spell" Work Journal, K-G.1 Classroom Set


"Can Spell Work Journal" is designed for use the second half of kindergarten and first semester of first grade (for Johnny Can Spell). Printed in landscape and spiral bound on the short edge to open from side to side. Printed in full color with blue writing lines and red margin lines on white paper. Writing lines include a broken mid-line to help students make lower case letters in proper portion. Width of lines a hair wider than wide-ruled notebook paper. Every double-page spread is laid out with headings. Titles on the left page are "1. My Phonogram Dictation," "2. My Word Dictation," and "3. My Sentence Dictation." The right page is titled "My I-Work Page" with areas titled "My New Words," "abc," "My Word Practice," and "My Sentences with New Words." Notebooks include JCSpell Charts 1 and 7 in the front and Chart 2 in the back in 5 columns so students can enter /er/ words. There are enough double-page spreads for twenty lessons. Each classroom set includes 25 student notebooks. Catalog code: SWJ-1.

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