Training for Kindergarten Teachers

Johnny Can Spell

Learn how to integrate instruction and practice in phonemic awareness, phonetics, penmanship, and spelling, supporting development of encoding and decoding skills.
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The Sounds and Symbols of English

Examine the basics of teaching systematic, explicit phonics with handwriting for a multi-sensory approach.
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Learn the basics to successfully teach students how to hold a pencil and how to form letters. Examine the habits of handwriting and ways to help students improve.
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Sentences under Construction

Do not think about right or wrong; just play with sentences. Zoom-in and zoom-out, creating long flowing sentences or very short skeleton sentences. Use puppets, sentence codes, and drama to understand the different kinds of sentences--
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Products for Kindergarten Teachers

Johnny Can Spell Phonogram Card Set

A laminated, class-sized (5.5 x 8.5 inches) set of the 70 common phonograms. Front of card has large image of phonogram.
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Practicing the Phonograms with Alice Nine (Audio CD)

An audio CD designed to facilitate practice of the correct pronunciation of the isolated speech sounds associated with the 70 common phonograms.
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Alphabet Sounds Song with Tommy Turtle (Audio CD)

A song with a catchy melody. The song links -- in alphabetical order -- letter names to their common sounds.
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Student Phonogram Card Sets

Miniature version of the front side (with card number) only of Johnny Can Spell Phonogram Card Set (back is blank).
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Johnny Can Spell Teacher's Guide

A nongraded guide for the teaching of phonemic awareness, phonics, handwriting, and spelling in an integrated approach.
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Johnny Can Spell/Write Lesson Planner, Book K

Day by day guide for kindergarten teacher. Provides 100 lessons (a year of instruction) that integrate phonemic awareness, phonics, handwriting, vocabulary, spelling, oral and written sentence composition.
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Johnny Can Spell Objectives in Kindergarten

    The kindergarten student using Johnny Can Spell will learn...

  • Correct penmanship habits and proper use of tools
  • To form manuscript letters correctly
  • The names of letters
  • Capital and lower case correspondents
  • Alphabetical order
  • The common sounds of the alphabet phonograms
  • A few common spelling rules
  • Additional multi-letter phonograms beyond the alphabet letters
  • 100 high frequency, easy words

    The kindergarten student using Johnny Can Spell will be able to...

  • Match capital and lower case correspondents
  • Alphabetize letters
  • Write phonograms from isolated dictation
  • Give sounds for phonograms in isolation
  • Recognize phonograms in printed text
  • Use phonograms to sound out new words in print, reading
  • Use phonograms to write new words, spelling
  • Count syllables in a word
  • Count sounds in a word or syllable
  • Count words in a sentence
  • Blend sounds into words he/she recognizes
  • Analyze words by syllables and sounds in order to write them, spelling
  • Learn how to sound out words in print, reading