Teacher Materials

Johnny Can Spell Teacher's Guide

A nongraded guide for the teaching of phonemic awareness, phonics, handwriting, and spelling in an integrated approach.
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Johnny Can Write Teacher's Guide

A nongraded reference book for teaching word grammar (parts of speech), sentence grammar (sentence composition and fluency, sentence elements, punctuation), vocabulary (dictionary skills, word derivation, word relationships, multiple meanings).
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Alice Nine's Grammar Applications

The first 24 lessons front-load basic grammar concepts and information. Students create a personal grammar notebook. The remaining 26 lessons...
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Johnny Can Spell/Write Lesson Planner Series

Day by day guides for teachers. Provide lessons that integrate phonemic awareness, phonics, handwriting, vocabulary, spelling, oral and written sentence composition.

  • Lesson Planner Book K (Kindergarten)
  • Lesson Planner Book 1:1 and Lesson Planner Book 1:2 (1st grade)
  • Lesson Planner Book 2:1 and Lesson Planner Book 2:2 (2nd grade)
  • Lesson Planner Book 3:1 and Lesson Planner Book 3:2 (3rd grade)

  • Word Analyses Series

    Contain 500 words presented in 125 lessons. Words are selected from high frequency word lists, most commonly misspelled word lists, confusing word lists, and subject vocabularies.

  • Word Analyses Book Four (4th grade)
  • Word Analyses Book Five (5th grade)

  • The ABC's and All Their Tricks, Margaret Bishop

    A highly recommended resource to assist in the phonetic analysis of words. The single best phonics reference book ever!
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    Pronunciation Contrasts in English, Nilsen and Nilsen

    An excellent resource for teachers working with phonemic awareness. Especially for teachers working with ESL, ELL, or LEP students.
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