Meet Alice Nine

Creator of Johnny Can Spell & Johnny Can Write

Alice Nine, a freelance educational consultant and author, has a tenacious focus on literacy. Many of her practical, common sense strategies, founded on research-based procedures, are not new but revised from 19th century language textbooks.

In the 1980s, Alice Nine began searching for a more effective way to teach language skills. Her search led her back in history to teachers who more than 100 years ago did so much with so little. As a result, she increased her own personal knowledge of English, made dramatic changes in her method of teaching it, and secured success for her students.

Out of her personal experiences, a desire to help other teachers secure the same success for their students was conceived. As she shared her knowledge and experiences, this desire gave birth to Johnny Can Spell & Johnny Can Write.

Since 1990, Alice Nine has traveled nationally and internationally to conduct hundreds of workshops and countless in-services, awareness sessions, and convention presentations. During this time, she has written Johnny Can Spell Teacher's Guide, Johnny Can Write Teacher's Guide, the Johnny Can Spell & Write Lesson Planner Series, and Johnny Can Spell & Write Word Analyses Series. Thousands of teachers use her materials as part of their language arts program.

A teacher of teachers, Alice Nine shares from her wealth of knowledge and personal experiences as a teacher, administrator, consultant, parent, and grandparent. Teachers and parents leave her dynamic, fast-paced workshops not only challenged but also equipped to make a deeper commitment to excellence in education and to their own abilities to contribute to the lives of our children. Attending one of her workshops will revolutionize your teaching forever.

Alice Nine earned a bachelor of science degree in elementary education from Evangel University, Springfield, Missouri, and a master of science degree in education administration from Portland State University, Oregon.

Read her personal testimony in the Forewords to the Johnny Can Spell/Write Teacher's Guides.