Deep Reading

Inspiration and illumination come from reading deeply.

    The quest for answers requires reading deeply and thinking critically. In this one day workshop, experience and examine the process of deep reading--probing, analyzing, synthesizing, looking for patterns, making connections, asking questions, noticing, pondering. Deep reading leads to deep thinking that results in deep meaning. Deep reading enables students to respond to open-ended questions.

    Target grades: 6 through 12.

    “I realized that reading is not about printed words; it is about thinking.
    My students need to understand that.”

    “I think I’ve had the cart before the horse,
    teaching my students how to write the answers.
    They need deep reading / deep thinking experiences.”

Participants will

  • Personally experience deep reading
  • Examine and discuss reading strategies
  • Reflect on their pedagogy--current and future

Recommended materials