How We Write

Docendo discimus: We learn by teaching.

    Schedule a week of hands-on staff development that takes place right in the classroom. This training model incorporates teacher only sessions and in the classroom sessions. Teachers learn not only by hearing and seeing and doing with their peers, but also by actually "doing" with students. Strategies and activities from Alice Nine's other workshops are drawn into this real-time training. By the end of the week, students not only will understand the five stages of writing, but also will have acquired the vocabulary unique to writing.

    "It was fantastic to watch Alice Nine work with my students
    and then to confer with her and the team.
    My students really understand the process of writing."

    "My first graders are eager revisers. They talk about their sentences,
    play with them, and trying out numerous ways before finalizing.
    If I hadn't seen Alice doing it, I probably would have never tried
    teaching so much about writing, especially with first graders."

Participants will

  • Learn how to teach the stages of writing
  • Learn how to chart student thinking and learning
  • Observe classroom instruction in real time
  • Be able to try the strategies immediately with feedback
  • Gain a new level of confidence in their teaching

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