Grammar Applications

Grammar is the means, composition the end. --Angus

    In this two day workshop designed for the secondary teacher, Alice Nine shares an instructional approach that front-loads a complete grammar review in 24 lessons, using wall charts, student-created grammar reference notebook, and teacher-created lesson visuals. Teachers then explore simple learning routines that spiral practice and apply learning to student writing with models taken from literature and student writings. Workshop participants are engaged as both learners and teachers, experiencing numerous anchor lessons and learning routines first-hand.

    Target grades: 6 through 12.

    High school students write about their learning after an anchor lesson with Alice Nine...

    "I learned that I shouldn't use a comma every time I write 'and'."

    "Today I learned how to ape an author's grammatical structures,
    and my partner and I were able to create a very descriptive sentence."

    "What did I learn today? That grammar is not the stop [end], it is the car [means]."

    "I learned about compound predicates. I think I knew them except
    I had forgotten them. (And the lesson was great, too.)"

    "Today I learned new techniques of pulling the reader into my writing. I have discovered
    that it is not just about the words I use, but how I put them together. The structure
    of my sentences makes a big difference in the feel of my story."

Participants will

  • Learn ways to teach grammar without worksheets or textbooks
  • Experience multi-sensory, student-engaging activities
  • Learn how to use interactive wall charts
  • Leave the training inspired and equipped to incorporate grammar

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