English Phonics for the Spanish Speaker

Developing phonemic awareness...

    Phonemic awareness is a fundamental key for language acquisition. This one day event shares practical information and exercises with teachers for developing phonemic awareness in Spanish speaking students.

    The sounds of English and Spanish are introduced with special attention given to phonemes which are more difficult for native Spanish speakers to identify and produce.

    “The presentation was effective because it was engaging...
    a good WOW presentation.”

    “I’m surprised at how simple lessons in phonics
    can go a long way with students.”

    “Since I’ve taken linguistics courses before, much of this was review,
    but wow! How wonderful the review was!”

Participants learn...

  • Knowledge of the 44 English phonemes and 24 Spanish phonemes
  • Knowledge of the 70 common English phonograms
  • Four key areas for Spanish Speakers
  • Several simple classroom activities for developing phonemic awareness

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