Words at Work

The difference between the right word and the almost right word
is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. --Mark Twain

    Attend a one-day "make-take" workshop and leave equipped to introduce three dynamic vocabulary/literacy centers to your students--Poetry Words, Word Webs, and Breadcrumbing. These low maintenance centers provide students opportunities to

    • Discuss multiple meaning words, figures of speech, and word associations
    • Use graphic organizers
    • Brainstorm, confer, organize, and evaluate with a partner
    • Use a dictionary

      Target grades: 2 through 5.

      "I can't wait to use these centers for authentic learning."

      "It was fun and the time went by so quickly. I learned some new strategies for writing,
      building vocabulary, and brainstorming, AND I'm taking things to be used immediately."

      "The ease of use and the variety of lessons that I employ in these centers are amazing.
      This center work is not busy work."

      "I was surprised by the simplicity of the center setups. Thank you for telling us
      your personal experiences with students and all the tips you gave."

    Participants will

    • Experience the centers--their operation and management
    • Discuss how to incorporate student center work into student writing
    • Construct the centers

    Recommended materials