Johnny Can Spell Workshop

Program Description

Integrating phonemic awareness, phonics, handwriting, and spelling...

    This two day workshop can be a first step to incorporating Johnny Can Spell as a component of a language arts program, or it can be an opportunity to increase teacher knowledge and instructional strategies to supplement an adopted program or to incorporate during tiered instruction. After reviewing a framework for literacy, training focuses on the knowledge base and practice routines that support development of both encoding and decoding skills. This fast-paced training includes hands-on experiences and video clips of classrooms in action. Participants are engaged as both learners and teachers.

    Target grades: K through 5.

    "I'm surprised at how simple lessons in phonics can go a long way with students."

    "Wow! Phonics finally makes sense to me. I have learned so much in these two days.
    Thank you, Alice Nine!"

    "Since implementing JCS, our kindergarten and first grade teachers have
    seen a dramatic improvement in handwriting."

    "Attending Alice Nine's training revolutionized my classroom.
    All my second graders leave as solid readers."

Participants will learn how to

  • Integrate instruction for oral and written skills
  • Teach students how to sound out words
  • Present sound-symbol relationships explicitly and systematically
  • Bridge phonics to writing
  • Analyze words for vocabulary building and spelling
  • Teach handwriting skills with phonics for multi-sensory learning

Recommended materials