Johnny Can Write Workshop

Program Description

Teach grammar naturally alongside word analysis...

    Easy-to-manage, student-engaging instructional activities that transcend worksheet style practice fill this two-day workshop. During the first day, the focus is on vocabulary development and word grammar. The second day focuses on sentence composition. Participants report that they experience both personal and professional learning throughout the workshop.

    Target grades: 1 through 5.

    "The hands-on activities will be so beneficial--
    I can picture myself teaching my class using these."

    "I learned how to construct and teach complex sentences
    using the tools presented. "

    "I was surprised at the simplicity of the anchor lesson for sentence structures.
    I can do that!"

    "I love the simple things to use as practice--
    like the pocket chart ideas you shared."

Participants will learn how to

  • Teach using multi-sensory anchor lessons
  • Develop interactive word walls and charts for grammar
  • Move instruction beyond rote memory and worksheets
  • Bridge grammar to student writing
  • Integrate grammar with spelling and vocabulary

Recommended materials