Grammar is the system and structure of language.

    In this two day workshop, Alice Nine shares an instructional approach that front-loads grammar with anchor lessons and charts, provides practice with simple learning routines, uses models from literature, and supports writing through the development of the sentence. Participants are engaged as both learners and teachers, experiencing numerous anchor lessons and learning routines first-hand.

    Target grades: 3 through 7.

    "I'm amazed how easy it is to teach grammar using sentence strips and a pocket chart."

    "With the Alice Nine anchor charts and sensible, systematic learning routines,
    my students are learning so much."

    "I found the training sessions to be very powerful because Alice Nine models
    everything she tells us about."

    "I was surprised that I actually had fun in a grammar workshop,
    talking about parts of speech and kinds of sentences."

Participants will

  • Learn ways to teach grammar without worksheets or textbooks
  • Experience hands-on, multi-sensory, student-engaging activities
  • Learn how to make and use interactive wall charts
  • Leave the training inspired and equipped to incorporate grammar

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