Teach penmanship systematically, not casually...

    “Scrawls that cannot be read may be compared to talking that cannot be understood; and writing too difficult to decipher, to stammering speech.” (Introductory Remarks, Theory of Spencerian Penmanship, 1874). This one-day workshop is packed with tips and ideas for handwriting instruction. Teachers will scrutinize handwriting habits, examine the formation of the alphabet letters, and explore lots of helpful tips.

    Target grades: PreK through 4.

    “I taught cursive to my fourth graders the way you showed us.
    In just one week the majority got it!”

    “You’ve challenged me to focus more on handwriting--
    the pencil grip, position of paper, and process of forming the letters.”

    “. . . so many great ideas to support instruction--
    tripod, circle, eraserless pencils, name cards on desks, and more.”

Participants will learn how to

  • Teach letter formation
  • Use “helps” to support development of the best handwriting habits
  • Bridge students from manuscript to cursive

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