Transforming Sentences

A workshop about sentence revision and editing..

    Join Alice Nine for a one day workshop that focuses on instructional activities and skill strategies to improve revising and editing skills. Sentence combining activities will incorporate coordination, subordination, reduction, and apposition. Writing conventions will be address as they are used in sentences.

    Target grades: 4 through 12.

    "Using sentences to work on revising and editing is so much easier than paragraphs."

    "Alice, today was great! I always come out of your trainings with something new, something deeper.
    I never really thought about some of the ways sentences can be combined,
    like absolute phrases, participles, and manipulating adjectives."

    "I have been implementing these strategies in my classroom, and I am seeing success
    for the students, and I am learning more about the English language along the way."

Participants will

  • Use applied grammar as a tool for revising and editing
  • Experience practical activities for sentence combining
  • Examine hands-on revision practice
  • Review grammatical structures that dress up writing

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