Sentences under Construction

The skill of composing sentences is foundational for developing writers.

    Participate in a one day workshop about sentence writing. Multi-sensory, hands-on activities provide the instructional setting for anchor lessons about different kinds of sentences and sentence punctuation. These lessons include DIIE Sentences, Punctuation Array, and S-Cd-Cx Sentences. One of the most popular strategies is Zoom-in.

    Target grades: K through 6.

    "My low-intermediate ESL students usually have a hard time with sentences.
    The zoom-in strategy is definitely helping them write developed sentences."

    "You did so much modeling in the workshop that it made me realize
    I need to model more with my students. Thanks for showing me how and
    and giving me the ideas, tools, and lessons to do it confidently."

    "I had fun with these sentence activities. I know they will help my students
    write creatively and improve voice. And they are so practical, with so little preparation."

    "I especially liked our small group times because we got to try what you were showing us."

Participants will

  • Experience practical activities for sentence composition
  • Learn how to teach sentence anchor lessons
  • Participate both as learners and as teachers
  • Receive many ideas for workbook-free instruction

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