The Sounds and Symbols of English

Teach phonics and handwriting simultaneously...

    A set of 70 common phonograms uses 26 letters to represent 42 English speech sounds. During this one-day workshop, teachers review these 70 sound-symbol correspondents and rules that govern their use, as they experience simple, effective research-based strategies for systematic, explicit phonics coupled with handwriting instruction.

    Target grades: PreK through 3.

    "My aha moment was when Ms. Nine just so matter-of-factly said,
    'Teach phonics and handwriting at the same time.'
    That makes so much sense."

    "Alice, you made me realize how important it is for children to see your mouth
    when teaching sounds and words."

    "...such a lot of ideas and activities that will strengthen students' understanding of our code.
    You are so easy to work with, so risk free. Thanks."

Participants will learn how to

  • Integrate phonics and handwriting instruction
  • Provide multi-sensory activities
  • Present and practice the phonograms
  • Form letters against a clock face backdrop

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