Good spelling makes writing look smart...

    There is no doubt that the ability to spell words easily and accurately is critical to writing. The question is how to teach spelling. Most approaches rely on word memorization. However, Alice Nine's Think to Spell® approach relies on critical thinking to construct spelling from language chunks--phonograms, syllables, and morphemes. Instead of learning a list of spelling words, students learn how to think about the spelling of words.

    Target grades: 1 through 6.

    "I had an aha about spelling... how spelling should not be only about rote memorization. . . .
    You gave us so many, many strategies."

    "I found the demonstrations most helpful. . . .
    Seeing 'theory' in practice helped me to imagine more concretely how
    I can employ these principles and skills in my daily classroom. Good stuff!"

    "I love the hearts -- the heart of a syllable is a vowel;
    the heart of the word is the root . . ."

    "I am amazed at how much knowledge I gained in one day.
    We are life-long learners."

Participants will learn how to

  • Challenge students with critical thinking instead of rote memorization
  • Use Think to Spell®, Alice Nine's word chunking process
  • Extend word learning strategies across the curriculum

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