Sentence Mapping

Whereas sentence construction is synthesis; sentence mapping is analysis.

    Improve sentence writing by analyzing sentences, not only those composed by the teacher, but also those composed by authors and those composed by students. In this one day workshop, learn how to analyze sentences using a simple sequence of questions. Experience an assortment of multi-sensory, hands-on, worksheet-free learning activities. See how to make nineteenth-century diagramming come alive with the use of cut and paste. Use icons, e.g., pins on prepositional phrases, hearts of verbs, to find the central idea of a sentence.

    Target grades: 3 through 7.

    “I have always liked diagramming,
    but I’ve never used it with my students until after your workshop.
    I liked the way you used it as a visual tool for reading and writing,
    diagramming only what you want to talk about.”

    “I can see how the sentence mapping techniques make it possible
    to talk with students about their writing during revision conferences.”

    “Putting hearts on verbs and identifying their subjects
    has helped my SpEd students in reading.
    They are getting the main ideas and sequence of the action so much better.”

Participants will

  • Experience practical activities for sentence composition
  • Learn how to teach sentence anchor lessons
  • WIll participate both as learners and as teachers
  • Receive many ideas for workbook-free instruction

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